Oct 17, 2008

My baby girl got sick

Just last Saturday my baby girl was confined in the hospital with pneumonia and hyper active airway disease. It was the second time she was confined since birth, last August at one month old she was also confined in the hospital because of pneumonia and septicemia. Last August was really hard on me because my husband, my son and my baby got confined in the hospital. I mean not only is it difficult physically but financially as well.

Last Saturday we were with her to take care of her health. His father also takes a leave of absence because of his upper respiratory tract infection. Our whole family is sick of this kind of disease while Zen and I have colds as well. Zen has fever for three days and I presumed that it was due to his cough and colds but I later found out that he had a viral infection and thank god he is okay now. It really helps that I have him immunized last September with IPD vaccine because he easily recovered with his upper respiratory tract infection. At his age it cost less than the I.P.D. vaccine for infants and the interval of the vaccine is three years.

I have my baby girl immunized with h.i.b. vaccine but it was still a first dose so maybe her immune system is still not good enough to fight diseases. I could not afford to have her immunized with I.P.D vaccine because at her age it’s very expensive at three dosage and two months interval.

She was discharged from the hospital just last Tuesday and right now she is still sick with upper respiratory tract infection. Her doctor advised us to have her inhale with a nebulizer whenever she has difficulty breathing. Right now she is on medication with ambroxol and antibiotics.

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AbBy said...

hello ann! avs ni! thanks for the message...so, welcome to the world of blogging...heheh! i'll be adding this blog in my connections....
http://www.avsphere.com/ and http://chekwa.bravejournal.com/

btw, i understand your predicament. My youngest son got hospitalized at 9mos and really, it can be exhausting physically, financially and emotionally...pls do remember this, if you want to cry it out, pls do because ang bughat day di kabayran...after my bb got hospitalized, i went into a relapse (bughat) and it really took me sometime to recover...now, i am more careful with everything, di magpadala sa stress and always pray...try to breastfeed ur baby too because they say that daughter benefits more from breastfeeding...again, welcome in the blogging world!


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