Jun 11, 2008

Strengthen your heart

Stress is the main culprit of heart diseases but we can’t deny that our lifestyle also contributes to it. There are just simple steps to maintain a healthy heart and here it is. Consume high concentrations of alpha-linolenic acid- a polysaturated fat from the same family of fatty acids found in fish. This good oil may decrease the risk of stroke and improves viscosity and clotting of blood.

You have to eat right the easiest way is to remove saturated fats also known as fats from animals in your diet and load up on vegetables and fruits. You can also eat oats because this fiber is proven to wash out bad cholesterol in our system. Drink plenty of water it helps maintain your body’s right ph. Did you know that dehydration and high levels of acidity in your body is a symptom of innumerable diseases?

Try to relax and don’t let stress get into you. You can try to take up a hobby, exercise program, meditate and relax or get yourself a pet. It will draw your focus toward affection and caring. You also need to have a regular exercise program. I can honestly say that I liked yoga because it’s stretching and breathing exercises helps me acquire balance. The meditation also helps calm my nerves and expel stress. A way to strengthen our heart muscles is to exercise so just make sure that you like your exercise program so you can stick to it.


posh_post said...

hi ann! hope you are doing well...yeah, i have rid my life of uncessary stresses and i find that i am healthier and actually looked younger. even other people noticed the change.

RoseLLe said...

it is really hard to have a stress free life...but of course we can always try to minimize it and start having a better and healthy way of living.


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