Jun 1, 2008

My top ten list of father’s day gifts

I have a few suggestions for father’s day gifts that I know will make them feel special during this day. Here are my top ten lists:

1. Wrist Watch – You can choose a watch that can match up to their personality or it also depends on what occasion that they choose to wear a watch.
2. Neck tie – Choose color and design that match their work and interest, Don’t forget their favorite color
3. Perfume – I specially like a combination of musk and citrus scents but anyway choose a scent that you know they will absolutely like. Don’t forget they like scents that a woman would also compliment on.
4. Belt – I like leather belts, It looks good on anything and It’s classy too. Brown or black would complement any clothes. Combination of black and brown will also be classy.
5. Leather Wallet – Looks good and beneficial.
6. Cell Phone – It’s pretty expensive but I’ve receive this gift from my husband and it feels so good to receive this kind of gift. It’s quite useful too.
7. Handkerchiefs
8. Polo Shirt
9. White Shirts or White sleeveless shirts – He can use this every day
10. Brief or Boxer shorts

Don’t forget the most precious gift that you can give them is your time, love and affection. Actually hugs and kisses will do.


RoseLLe said...

this is will be my first time to spend fathers day without my father (who passed away last year). anyway, father's day in Australia is in the month of September... kaya hintay muna si hubby.

have a nice day.


posh_post said...

hi dear! i haven't really thought of mine. but i think the best gift for my hubby is the knowledge that i am already pregnant. i dunno if that will happen?


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