Nov 28, 2008

How I got my Job

I got my job two years ago and this is how it happened. One day my husband and I was just strolling and then we came by a new three story building of a financial institution and he said to me why don’t you try to ask if they are hiring? So we went inside and I asked an employee there if they are still hiring. She told me to submit an application to the manager and the next day I applied. After one month I was called and informed that there will be an examination. When the day of the examination arrived I was prepared because I reviewed on my own. I know that job examinations required basic skills such as IQ, abstracts, Grammar, clerical skills, mathematical equations and personality tests. The examination was hard because we were given minutes only to answer many questions. To top it all there were about fifty applicants taking the test and I know from experience that only the top ten passers will be interviewed. So there I was praying and hoping to pass the examination and eventually get hired.

A month after the test to my surprised I was called again for a panel interview and I was prepared. Thinking beforehand what are the supposed to be questions that might be asked from me and practicing what is my possible answers. There where about ten applicants that were interviewed including me. Weeks passed by and I was called again and informed that I was hired. My husband and I were very happy for the news because that would mean that we can already rent a house of our own. During that time we lived with my parents because his income could not suffice if we live on our own. I later found out that there were only two of us who got the job and thank god I was one of the two.

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Catherine said...

Very amazing experience! Must be a blessing from God. Believe that you are enjoying the job till today! Happy working...! :)


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