Nov 3, 2008

A Halloween to remember

Last October 30, 2008, the company I worked with held a children’s Halloween party with jollibee in our office. It was really fun because there was also a Halloween decoration contest for every floor in our building. The decorations were ranging from spiders on the web, bats, hanging witch on a broom, different monsters and a wall filled with information on Halloween and creatures from Philippine Mythology.

We also have fun dressing our kids with a costume for their trick or treats because there was also a costume contest. I dressed my child with Chinese attire in the mano po movie because it suits him well because of his eyes that he inherited from my father. We had a Japanese blood in our veins on my father’s side of the family due to the Japanese occupation in the Philippines in the past.

It’s funny because I didn’t get my father’s eyes but my younger sister did and we don’t even look related. My sister and I don’t look alike at all. Although I get my fathers forehead and dimples I get most of my looks from my mom. This is also true to my son because he and his sister don’t look alike at all. My daughter gets most of her looks from me especially my eyes, nose and the shape of my face. So even when he was younger until now anyone who looks at my child ask me why he had those eyes and I always explained to them our lineage.

The party was so much fun because there were games and giveaways. At the end of the program the Jollibee mascot arrived and danced to the children’s delight. My child really likes Jollibee so he was very happy when Jollibee arrived that he pulled my hand to come nearer to the mascot. When the mascot finished his dance the children where ushered for a picture taking with him. So the mommies where very busy taking pictures with jollibee and their children. I shoot a picture of my child hugging Jollibee and it was a priceless sight looking at him smiling while looking at the mascot. After the party the children were lead to roam around the building clutching their goody bag for trick or treats. So there we were hiking from first floor to third floor leading our children to ask goodies to our colleagues. We had so much fun I hope next year’s Halloween will be as good as this.

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posh_post said...

hi there!

that is nice! :-) well, i hope everything is well now with you daughter. take care and God bless you!


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