Nov 26, 2008

My friend comes home from Dubai

Finally I’ve found the right template for my two blogs from blogger buster and I’m finally satisfied with the lay out. Now that I have finalized the look of my blog I will have to concentrate more on posting and promoting. Yesterday my best friend arrived from Dubai and as usual she gave me a box of 400 grams of my favorite chocolate to my delight. She surprised me in the office and she asked for my help because she wanted to buy a house. She said that she will be coming back to Dubai after two weeks time to resume her job there and she will leave behind her two children here in the Philippines.

We have been friends since sixth grade and it’s true that friendship lingers on even if we don’t communicate often. Even if we have taken up different college degree in the past we went to the same school and still hang out often during our school days. After college we went our separate ways because of our career but our friendship is still there. When I think about it we have been friends for almost 18 years already. When we were still single we slept in each others house when we have time and it only stops when she got married. There was period of adjustment when she got married because she could not be with me most of the time, I know that family comes first. Now we both have two children and we don’t hang out anymore because she is working and living in Dubai. We have occasional emails and greet each other through yahoo messenger.

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