Nov 14, 2008

A thought to Ponder 2

It’s Friday again and it’s time to think spiritually. Today let’s think about a love of a parent to a child. As we all know we loved our children they are a miracle from God. We can just imagine how could a single cell become a person slowly and grows inside you for 9 months it’s really awesome just thinking about it. When I think about my child today I still can’t believe how she became what she is today so full of life. When I think about it I still can’t believe that my body could supply all the necessary nutrients to build her body when she was still inside of me. She and her brother are like angels sent from heaven and the source of my happiness. Like all parents before us we still have to think of the future ahead of us what will they be like in their teens and God forbid could they grow up to be rebellious like other sons and daughters?

How does one react when the child grows up to be rebellious? What would you do if you were in that situation in the future? Please post your comments on your blog and let me know thanks.


sueby said...

Hi, Sueby here,
If we're doing the best job we can as a parent, and keep the communication lines open no matter what we're doing ok - we also need to work through challenges/issues as they come up. Parenting during teenagehood is a challenge of parenting skills. I'm a Mum of a 16 year old boy, and starting to face issues as they arise. We try to make the best decisions - but always sit down and get the full picture from our son first, before coming to a decision on anything.

mumzy said...

We are all born rebellious and as we grow it comes out more and more, but on reaching teenage years it explodes as they are no longer children but not yet adults.Be there for them, let them make mistakes while gently directing them. Sit down and work out compromises together, lend them your ear when needed, love them no matter what and let them know that you will always be there for them.


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