Nov 7, 2008

A thought to ponder#1

It is very important to ponder on our life even once in a while because it is by thinking about it that we will come to realize whether we are in the right track or not. It is through reflection that we will appreciate the graces that came to us and also to recognize our faults and learn from our failures. It is also through it that we realize whether we are living the life we want and also to know if there is still something that we want to achieve.

Having time to sort out our mind and feelings are very beneficial for us because it will affect our choices in life. Our choices can make or break our present and future lifestyle. So I am making a post every Friday entitled a thought to ponder and I’m inviting my friends to comment and link on it.

So to start of here is our reflection for today. What makes Christianity different from all the other religion in the world? You can also read on Timothy 3:4-7 for guidance. I know religion is the subject of most heated debates but there is no wrong answer here and your comments are highly appreciated.

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Reminder to everyone:

English is my second language so bear with me if my grammar, as well as sentence and paragraph construction is faulty. I am not writing to impress but simply to express my thoughts.

The opinion written here is solely mine and I have no intention to impose it to anyone for that matter. So as the title goes this is just my perception