Nov 13, 2008

Our rage makes us just like the Incredible Hulk

My husband and I watch the movie entitled the incredible hulk 2. It stars Edward Norton and Liv Tyler. The movie was really fun to watch because of the action packed story. It never has any dull moments because Hulk is always on the run to avoid the soldiers who wanted to capture him. Anyway I have seen the first movie but this one is much better than the first. Aside from the visual effects the leading man and woman is much well known than the first installment.

The story focuses on this young scientist escape from his adversaries who wanted his invention for biological weaponry. His scientific discovery is altering the DNA of the person administered with the chemical making the person hundred times stronger, much faster and having unsurpassed agility. The bad thing is that aside from transforming into a monster he gets his strength from his uncontrolled rage which is actually dangerous to anyone who comes his way. This 2nd installment is actually fun to watch because he has an adversary who equaled with his strength and ugliness whom they called abomination. Anyway to make the story short in the end Hulk annihilated his opponent and escaped again.

Well like hulk our rage engulfs us and turns us into a monster enabling us to crush the heart of anyone who comes our way. Uncontrolled rage is also one of leading cause of murder in our society today. I for one have experienced it and even if I never murdered anyone I have hurt anyone’s feeling who comes my way. Even if tongue lashing does not hurt the person physically it does wound the heart and leaves a scar that they can remember as long as they live. That is why I hate fighting it brings out the worst in me and makes me do or say things that I later regret. There is always a moral way to settle arguments without bickering and that’s what I am trying to install into my character to prevent guilt from torturing me again. It is always a must to control our rage and let it all out in a civilized manner and the only thing that can make it happen is to talk to our opponent in a soft spoken manner so as not to provoke them as well.

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