Nov 4, 2008

Will you buy a PlayStation online?

On my internet surfing I have stumbled upon This site sells anything and everything shoppers search online. One particular thing that catches my attention is the PlayStation3 by Sony. The machine has so many cool features such as it plays all PS2 and PlayStation games. It features 1080 p HDTV compatibility and plays DVD as well as Blu-Ray Discs and CD’s. You got to have Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray remote control to play Blu-Ray discs on your HiDef – TV. This will definitely be a treat to those who love gaming and watching movies.

As a mother I often bring my child with me in the mall to play video games. It’s our bonding time together during weekends. Our favorite game is car racing. I push the pedal while he stirs the wheel. We had so much fun together. It would be great if we have our own PlayStation so that his dad will also play with us. He has a busy schedule that is why he cannot play with his son. I will definitely buy a PlayStation3 in the near future if resources permit.

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posh_post said...

oh i dunno, i don't even think i will buy a playstation. i am still pregnant, but i am also thinking of all these gadgets that can tempt my little one...

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good day!:-D


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