Apr 23, 2008

My toddler learns to say mama

This week I have a very nice surprise when I got home from work. My toddler called me mama for the first time. He used to call me and my husband papa but now he already knows the difference and it feels so good to be called mama. He also learns some additional words like bird, milk, shoes, nanay, tita, lolo and jollibee. I placed an alphabet poster in our bedroom and from time to time I read it loud to him while pointing at the alphabet and the visuals that it represents. I said A as in Apple and so on. I was really amazed when he points at the milk and said milk and points at shoes and said shoes. I’m so glad that my son is learning to talk already but in other times he just babbles. There are also times when he talks to me and I don’t really understand anything he says so I just nod like I understand him just to encourage him to talk more.

Every morning when he wakes up I smiled at him and he smiles back at me. I ask him how his sleep was and he kisses me and I also tell him to kiss his papa and he does. Having a child is the best gift life has given me and I thank God everyday for this.

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