Apr 29, 2008

To my fellow bloggers and friends

I'm trying a new look for my blog and I've downloaded a blogger template from an eblog website. I've tried to download it on blogger html but I'm still not skilled enough to know all the techno stuffs so I've lost all my widgets. This is for your information my friends so sorry for the inconvenience, right now I've settled for this template made by blogger. Atleast I have not lost my links. ,")


RoseLLe said...

Hi Annz!

Here is another tag for you. It's Q&A time!

My Day


Catherine said...

Thanks and you have been added in my link list. Oh btw, I recently inviting moms to share their pregnant stories in their blog and may leave the post's URL unto my recent post "Our Pregnant Stories"... not sure are you interested?


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