Apr 24, 2008

At 6th month pregnant

I want to record my pregnancy stage by stage for my future reference. So since I haven’t recorded the 1st month up to the 4th I’m taking this opportunity to write about it. I think it was sometime in October that the 1st stage of conception happened. It was during that month that we transferred to another bigger and much comfortable house near my In-laws. I found out that I was pregnant sometime in November. I wondered why I haven’t had my menstruation since October so I purchased a pregnancy kit. I have mixed emotion during that time when I found out that it was positive because I think it was too early to get pregnant again. My son is just one year and ten months old that time and I thought we are not yet financially capable for another responsibility. I was worried of the additional expenses that this would cost us. I’m thinking about the hospital bills, cost of the infant formula and babysitter. Worrying doesn’t solve anything so there is no other way to deal with this but to accept and to find other means to support this family.

On the 1st month I noticed that I crave for barbecued chicken liver and I easily get cough and colds. I also observed that I like to sleep a lot. I have my medical check-up during this month but the baby’s heartbeat is still not visible so my OB-Doctor advised me for an ultrasound. It was in February on my birthday that I decided having the ultrasound. The baby is already at its’ 3rd month and I can see its’ heart moving with every beat on the monitor. It is my first sight of my baby and I can’t explain how it feels like, all I know is my happiness is beyond compare. Its’ gender is still not visible according to the doctor so I still don’t have any idea.

At the 6th month I have my medical check up just last Saturday and I have heard my baby’s heartbeat and it moves inside my womb as my Doctor inspected my belly. My Doctor smiled as she feels it moving and upon hearing its’ heartbeat she told me that the vital signs of the baby is very good. She injected me with anti-tetanus vaccine and prescribed Daflon that I should take in one month for my varicose veins. She also advised me to have another ultrasound next month.

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