Apr 18, 2008

Of Life and death

This year I have visited two funerals but it’s not from my own near relatives. It’s the interment of my husband’s grandma and also from his aunt. Their death happened just two to three weeks of each other. His Grandma died from old age while his aunt died from a car accident. I peek from his grandma’s coffin but I did not dare to look at his aunt’s. I’m afraid to look at death’s worst angle I suppose. At these funerals there are three of us who are pregnant; they are his cousin and his sister-in-law.

Life has really a way of replacing the old with the new. Just this month his cousin and his sister-in-law gave birth to baby girls. If we don’t have a religion we might never have an idea where do souls of the dead go and where the souls of new born came from. Then again it is just one of the mysteries of life and since we are to busy dealing with our day to day living we don’t have time to know everything about it. If we have time we may never really solve life’s mystery while we are still alive and the only way we know about it is when death comes to us. If that happens the mystery of life ends with us because we can’t tell anyone about it, because dead people don’t talk to the living. If they do no one still believes anyway.

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