Apr 9, 2008

Parent's Responsibility

I can still remember when my papa and me debate or discuss on issues. We always have different views on things and we discuss it without having an argument even if we don’t settle on the same beliefs. One particular issue that proves that he is correct but I suppose during that time I disagree with him is the fact that a parent’s responsibility to nurture or care for his/her child continues as long as the parent is alive. I disagree with him during that time because I presume that when the child grows up to be mature individual, one is already capable to care for her/his life and does not need their parent anymore. Through my experience it only proves that my father was right. It happened when I have undergone operation on my goiter, I was single and 22yrs old then. I already have a regular job and the operation was paid for by my insurance.

It was the time I felt so helpless because my mother takes care of me in the hospital to the extent of changing my diapers. I don’t want that to happen to me because I always want to be independent but sometimes life could be harsh just to prove a point.

We always need guidance and the person who knows best is the ones who experience life before us. I have read on the news and seen on TV, stories of rebellious and misguided teenagers and reading on their profile I realize that they have become like this because their parents are just too busy to provide them everything material. It is always a responsibility of the parent to provide for their children’s needs but sometimes they overlook the most important part. Attentions, affection, touch of endearment and guidance these are the most important elements of raising a child. I remembered when I was still in high school when my papa comes home everyday he always look for me and hug me tight this only took him just one minute and even for just a little of his time I felt his love. Even today when I come to visit their home he would still embrace me and my child and ask me how I was and it still means a lot to me.

I have done this to my child and to my spouse as well. Everyday when I came home from work I make it a habit to embrace them just to make them feel that I love them dearly. I am also certain that my child will learn from this and will also shape his character into a loving person.

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