Apr 28, 2008

Extreme variation of poverty to riches

Yesterday I’ve watch Korina on television and I really like the house of Aramina (sexy actress) it’s so huge and colorful. If you ask me I would like to live in that house but I don’t think I could do the things she have done to get it. I know it’s more than hard work it involves being half naked in front of the camera and I could not do that I just don’t have the guts. There are a million ways to get millions but you just have to be brave, hardworking, determined, gutsy, and wise to get there. Hard work is not really enough you just have to be wise because I have seen people who are hard working and who grows old poor. Some people get rich because they grab the opportunity that was shown to them. Some people get rich by chance while some people get rich by their decisions in life.

Everything that we do has a trade off or exchange. People get what they want by trading something for it. If they work abroad they will trade off their time for family and friends. Here In our city you will notice that some huge beautiful houses are owned by a Japayuki (Filipino entertainers or workers in Japan) while some are owned by people who are working abroad or who have married a foreigner I would like to clarify when I said some, because not all Japayukis have a property worth millions. I asked several of these women why and they said that you could not get millions by your salary alone. So it would mean that it would require you to do some extra efforts to get more tips from your mostly male costumers. There are also some huge beautiful houses worth millions that are owned by well-known successful businessmen or women.

Let’s get to the most interesting part, today I just read on our local news and it upsets me that some families are homeless and every night they will sleep on the park. I often wondered why there is a vast variation of poverty to that of the well-offs. I cannot say that opportunities are only given to some people and life has a way of choosing which one to give blessings to. The air we breathe and the life we have are already blessings and a chance to alter our life. I have seen the movie “the pursuit of happiness” it is so inspiring because it narrates about the true story of a once homeless man who became rich. I have seen his courageous efforts, his firm determination and the risk he take to get what he wanted. Truly Self-confidence and our life’s decisions can get us to where we want to be. There are countless stories of people who have nothing in the beginning and who have something in the end. My grandmother’s story is one of this and I think I’m going to bore my readers by narrating her story here. So the main point of this post is we are the ones who make our life, situation can hamper us but we are the ones who can stop the journey of our life. Life can close its door on us but we can open the window and if there is no window we can always dig a hole for our way out.


posh_post said...

hi annz!

you are right about the exchange. so it really depends upon the person what his or her priority is. other time, it is family, other times it is dignity that gets sacrificed. but the world is not perfect, and so we get victimized by these injustices. i will post a link to your article on my blog.. nice one dear! God bless you!

Paula said...

Doesn't Ara Mina's house really look nice? I saw it in Yes! and I cut it and pasted it on my vision board.lol Anyway, sometimes I feel guilty to wish for more - like her house - when I think about other people in the streets and other people living like roaches under the bridge. Is it not enough that I have a roof over my head and time in my hands to enjoy the things I love? Sometimes I also go as far as thinking it is not fair to born in a 3rd world country. Life simply is not fair. But that does not mean we are more miserable, doesn't it? Maybe it will comfort us to think that the people living in the streets are at certain times happier than us in our four walled house.


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