Apr 9, 2008

Bangus Salad

Bangus Salad(Milk fish)

Made from sweet potatoes and mixed with smoked bangus

25g Kamote, Yellow
25g Kamote, Violet
25g Baguio beans
25 g tomato
15 g shallots
½ pc red egg
75g bangus fillet
5g iodized salt
5 g ground black pepper
50 g lettuce (lolo Rossa)
75 g Vinaigrette sauce

Vinaigrette Sauce
200g corn oil
20 g garlic
5 g iodized salt
5 g ground black pepper
20 g vinegar

Mix all boiled vegetables together with chopped shallots and add half a cup of vinaigrette sauce, season with salt and pepper and serve on a bed of lettuce

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