Mar 24, 2009

My baby girl has already started teething

I was really very tired and lacking sleep this week because my baby has already started teething. She has been very restless and crying more than usual. She was already 8 months and I can see that on her sore gums one tooth started to grow. I also noticed that her temperature is hotter than usual at 37.5 Celsius and I know that she is already on the borderline of having a fever. Fever starts at 37.5 up that is the main reason why I’m worried about her. At night she is restless and cries more often so I have to carry her in my arms to comfort her. That is the disadvantage of a working mom because you lack sleep and you still have to work the next day but anyway that is what a mother’s role is to be nurturing and be able to sacrifice just for her children.
If given a chance I would like to be a stay at home mom but that is only for the rich because we could not afford it. We could not afford to loss my income to be able to provide for the family. I don’t really like the Idea to leave the care of my children to other people but I don’t have a choice. I just pray everyday that God will be with them always because I’m not with them during working hours and that is 8 am– 5 pm. Anyway I hope my baby girl’s going to be okay. Her brother is already ok because his arms are not sore anymore thanks to the hilot.

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Del or Alice Patterson said...

I raised two boys, helped raise two girls, and am now raising my 13 year old son with williams syndrome. I have probably been through it all, broken bones, stitches, dog bites, illness, surgeries and more. It is part of raising children.

Even so, teething is awful. My oldest got sick and started throwing up with every tooth he got for the first year and a half.

I was a working mom too. It is hard, but you make it and so do they. Love is all that really matters. Oh, and luck.

Alice in retirement


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