Mar 20, 2009

My toddler fell of a chair.

Last Wednesday I was really terrified because my toddler fell off a chair while playing in his grandma’s house. Every morning I leave my son to my mother- in – law to baby-sit. That night after going home from work I went there to get him but she says it’s still too early so I left him there for awhile. Our house is just nearby from across the street.

After an hour while I was carrying my baby daughter, his grandma came to our house carrying him while he was crying and told me the incident. I was very worried and terrified thinking that he might broke his arms or something because he doesn’t want me to touch it. That night at around 9:00 pm I went to the hilot.

For info to the foreigners, Hilot is the Filipino ancient healing arts and the most secret arts in the Philippines. It is not learned in the schools but practiced by gifted persons and pass on to their children and carried over from their family for generations. It is commonly used today to relax stressed muscles and align broken bones or sprains.

Anyway I went to the hilot that night to check on him or to know if it is something serious that I might need to go to his doctor. The hilot was introduced to me by my papa many years ago. She was around her fifties and you can see in her facial features that she was a beauty in her younger years. She massaged my son’s whole body and told me that he had a slight sprain but nothing really serious. That night I gave him ibuprofen for the pain.

Today his arms are still sore and he still does not want me to hold his arms but I’m planning to bring him to his pediatrician tomorrow because it’s my day-off. I hope he will be okay.

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