Jun 23, 2009

First confirmed death on A(h1n1)

First confirmed death on swine flu in the Philippines has landed the 1st page of most news magazine. A 49 year old mother died in their home after 3 days of flu like symptoms and was later confirmed to be the swine flu. The cause of her death was congestion due to heart attack and it was later found out that she had other pre-existing condition before the swine flu and the flu has aggravated her condition leading to her death. I don't really know if it is already time to panic because as of now the Philippines has one of the most number of infected patients now reaching to 400 up but it's comforting that 80% was already well. I think the only thing that can help us survive this kind of illness is to strive to be healthy and pneumococcal and flu vaccination for people who have pre-existing conditions to help avoid complications if they become infected with the swine flu.

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