Jun 1, 2009

VoIP a new way to call your loved ones

Have you heard of VoIP? It is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol or Voice over Internet Provider. It is a technology where you can call anyone by using the internet. All you need is a broadband connection, a microphone or headset and a router then you are all set. If your loved one is working abroad then this could fit your lifestyle because most VoIP providers offer service packages which allow you to save money on broadband from your Internet Service Provider. There is also no additional cost for Internet services.

You don’t need to pay extra on your phone connection because in VoIP you can call your loved one 24/7 with only a flat rate. This technology also enables you to talk with as many as you like at the same time unlike the landline phone or cell phone where only two people can talk with each other. In terms of the monthly rate you should talk with your Voip Providers for more information on their charges and fees.

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Del or Alice Patterson said...

I use MagicJack. You pay for it one time and then it is about $19 per year. It works pretty good also. I am in a valley where I can't get radio signals and my internet really isnt high speed, even though they say it is and it still does ok most of the time


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