Jun 30, 2009

Paracetamol and Decongestant for Swine Flu

The Department of Health had already issued a press release regarding the swine flu and its administration. They said that like other viral illnesses the flu will go away with time. They said that the A (H1N1) flu in the Philippines is only mild and can be treated with paracetamol and decongestant.. The DOH assured the public that these medicines coupled with plenty of fluids and bed rest can already alleviate the symptoms of the flu and led to a full recovery. They have released the press statement to educate the public and also to avoid the shortage of the Tamiflu and Oseltamivir. Only people who belong to the high risk groups such as patients who had pre-existing conditions, the elderly and the very young will be given with Tamiflu or Oseltamivir.

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