Jun 29, 2009

Travel to Okinawa Japan

I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan to visit my ancestors. It might be a dream come true for me if that happens. The problem is I really don’t know the surname of my ancestors, all I know is my Grand Father’s father is Japanese and no matter how my father ask about it, he doesn’t tell him about it even in death. May God bless his soul! My son get his Japanese looks from my father and my Grandpa while I get my looks from my mom so we did not really look alike.

If ever you want to go to Okinawa Japan like me you might want to check out this link. This site has valuable information on Hotels and Ryokan. You just have to enter the location you want to visit and it is there. You can choose the location and rates per person for the accommodation. This site also has valuable information on various Okinawa Beaches. If you want to have tour ideas on where to go in Okinawa Japan this site definitely has information on scenic locations.

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