Jun 9, 2009

Problems with unwanted hair

One significant attribute we have in my women relatives in my mother side of the family is having noticeable hair in our upper lip and legs. Yes, my female relatives and I have a thin upper lip hair and when I was younger I was very conscious of it. When I got older I’ve tried using hair removal cream, hair bleaching cream and waxing. What I really liked in the three different products is waxing because my skin has no allergic reaction to it unlike the hair removal cream. I didn’t like the hair bleaching because the lightened hair catches more attention than the normal hair. I think the best thing to do with unwanted hair is laser hair removal because it provides permanent results. I’ve heard positive and negative comments of laser hair removal and it is still best to know all about the service provider first before making a decision. I’ve recently visited lakeviewderm.com and they offer laser hair removal in chicago. Their site is very informative on unwanted hair and its’ causes and they give further details about laser hair removal.


Becca said...

I have a friend (a makeup artist) that says her dermatologist told her to shave her face. So she shaves her entire face. Her dermatologist says its good for exfoliation & the hair does not grow back darker.

sunshine said...

following you from under 100 at mbc - hope you'll follow me too


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