Jun 26, 2009

Buying a painting for your home

I have a painting in our house and I have this when I was still single. It is a painting of various fish swimming in the ocean. I think having a painting in your house is really nice because it would be a good complement to your furniture. I’ve recently visited an online gallery of Tim Rogerson and I think his paintings are nice and unique. The paintings are usually people depicting their career and leisure. There is a particular painting that I like that is entitled legends, this is a portrait of various music artist that the painter has personally chosen. What really gets to me is that part of the proceeds of the sale of this painting will be used for the expenses of public school students in their desire to further develop their talent in the arts.

A painting in your living room can really add to the sophistication and glamour of your house. It would also give you a kind of happy and light feeling knowing that you help someone by purchasing this painting. Nowadays, there are paintings that were just a duplicate of an original and finding a painting that is entirely unique and created with a purpose can really add glamour to your lifestyle.

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