Jun 26, 2009

Friday Reflections - Saving your marriage

I have a booklet in positive thinking and it really helps me a lot in the times that I’m down. You know our life is like a wheel, sometimes you are at the top and sometimes you are at the bottom. When you are there at the top, you don’t have any worries and your life is good but when you are at the bottom you want to grasp something to help you survive. That something is your faith in the Supreme Being where you surrender your life. One particular part of the booklet that really gets to me is the attitude of the wife when she finds out that her husband is having an affair. She did not confront her husband, instead she reflects on the reason why it happened. She had realized that she has become very busy with her work and social gatherings that she did not have time with him anymore.

One day her husband told her that he wanted a divorce and do you know what she told him? She told him okay, but told him to give her two months to consider it. She changed her behavior and decided to do the things that she had done early on in their marriage. She did not go to any social event and after work she stayed at home reading magazines and crocheting like she did in the past. She keeps on doing this even if her husband is going out every night. After how many weeks her husband also did the same, reading his newspaper in front of the fire while she did her reading as well. Then finally when the two months had passed she asked him about the divorce. He replied and told her that it’s just a crazy idea and he is not pushing through with it.

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