Feb 18, 2008

My Life

Well what can I say about me? I'm not a celebrity and I'm not even famous so what makes me interesting? well just read on. I'm a hard-working woman who is expecting my second child. At this moment I am currently balancing work and family life. My first priority is my family and I will do anything for them. I also love my job after all it provides us with our daily needs. My job is having to do with organizing documents and our company is a financial institution that is also an agency of the government. It specializes on providing housing loans to it's members/borrowers. It also provide provident benefits to it's members/depositors.

I happen to like blogging and express my thoughts on certain ideas so I think writing is my passion. I'm a great believer that everyone is given the same opportiunity in this life but not all can see it coming. We can choose to live life the easy or the hard way but the hardest part is making a choice. Anyone or anything can change your life in a certain way but you're still the one who drives your life.

Now let's talk about LOVE...what do I think about love in the whole sense. The very exact meaning of love for me is SACRIFICE. You can never truly say that you love someone or something like an idea if you are not willing to sacrifice for it. To sacrifice means to yield, to give and to part with something desirable for someone or something. You can never say that you love the idea of freedom without doing something about it. You cannot say that you love a person if you are not willing to give a part of you. You cannot have a relationship with someone without investing time, money and emotion. To me the greatest vision of love is looking at old couple holding hands and showing their love for each other. Truly their love has been tested with time and afflictions. Looking at a mother kissing and huging her children also gets to me. I love my son dearly and I can never dare to hurt him. Just looking at him gives me contentment and happiness beyond compare.

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Reminder to everyone:

English is my second language so bear with me if my grammar, as well as sentence and paragraph construction is faulty. I am not writing to impress but simply to express my thoughts.

The opinion written here is solely mine and I have no intention to impose it to anyone for that matter. So as the title goes this is just my perception