Jan 20, 2009

Kitchen appliances is also a wife’s best friend

When I was still single and dating the kitchen for me is just a place where I need to go to fix myself something to eat but now as a mother it has become one of the most important place in the house. I wish I could have all the kitchen appliances that I can use to create sumptuous meals. Anyway I still have so many things to buy and I intend to do so when I have extra money to spend. My wish list for this year is a blender, food processor and an oven.

A blender is very useful in mixing fruits and vegetables into a puree or juice and it is also useful in making a healthy beverage. A food processor is very important in making healthy homemade baby food. Buying an oven is my greatest dream because I could bake cakes, pizza, roasted meat and baked pastas. I could also bake cookies for my toddler. If I had an oven I could explore and experiment cooking dishes. Over the years I have been collecting recipes and cookbooks and it is a dream come true to finally cook some of those delicious dishes.

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1 comment:

Braeg Heneffe said...

I am a man and my best friends are all Kitchen Appliances!!


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