Jan 12, 2009

My baby girl at six months and my son at three years old

My baby is now six months old and she can already move from side to side. Sometimes she lay on her belly and then on her back again. She already looks at me when I call her name and laugh whenever I make funny faces on her. She can already distinguish a camera when we took pictures of her. She doesn’t like the camera because she would close her eyes whenever we attempt to took her pictures because she doesn’t like the flash.

I noticed that she has already strength on her legs because at most cases she will attempt to stand while I hold her on my arms. I think she looks a lot like me, what do you think?
This month I will already feed him Cerelac and mash vegetables and fruits. She does look bigger than most babies of her age because at work we would talk about our babies and they told me that my baby is much bigger than theirs.

Anyway I could compare her development from my first child when he was still a baby and they really differ in many ways. My baby girl’s development is much faster than her brother because she can already look at me on the eye when she is still one week old and she already laugh when she was still less than a month old. She can also react to me when I talk to her at an early age. Her brother on the other hand is different because I noticed that he reacted in that way when he was already more than six months old. My first child does not focus his attention to me during the first six months and I’m just glad that he turns out okay today. He is already 3 years old and I’m just glad that he has already learned how to talk to me. I was very worried in the past because of his late development in terms of expressing his thoughts especially whenever we meet toddlers of his age who is really fluent in talking. Right now he is showing progress and I hope that he will really be fluent in speaking before he will be four years old.

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