Apr 22, 2009

A guide in searching for a new web hosting service

One important step that bloggers or webmasters should do with their blog or site is to have their own domain. I’ve recently visited web hosting rating.com and I think it is very beneficial for us bloggers because they provide web hosting rating. The site has listed here top ten web hosting providers based on the customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and technical support. Web Hosting Rating is the biggest searchable web hosting directory featuring complete information on all web hosting providers, their web hosting plans, promotional and discount coupons, and unedited reviews by real customers. Here you can see the comparison of different web hosting service and actual customers rating. I think its way too late for me because I’ve just recently bought my domain here in blogger. Next time I will try other web hosting service that is cheaper than this.

I also read on some important article on shared hosting which makes me understand the whole concept. Like many bloggers I don’t have the necessary knowledge or the skills in web designing and css so shared web hosting makes my blogging experience easy. Free hosting is a necessity if you are still starting out with blogging but if you want to have more exposure and better rankings in the web then you already have a number of options to choose from.

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