Apr 22, 2009

Never Procrastinate

One significant attitude in our career is to do our job well and promptly and yet with precision. One attitude that I noticed in people who are successful is they aspire for perfection and they never settle for less. I also notice that educational attainment doesn’t ensure success but it only helps in aiding us to do our job better because of the necessary skills that we have learned in our studies. The most important thing is our attitude towards our job. It is when we aim for perfection and when we do what we can do for today in other words we should never procrastinate.

One important lesson I’ve learned in procrastination is that just this month I’ve already completed my Monthly report but since It is still not due I’m thinking not to print it during that time but since I wanted to be done with it I’ve decided to print it anyway. Thank God I did print it in advance because after the holidays my computer got busted and it turns out that my supervisor already asks for that report. Thinking about the horror it would cost me if indeed I did not print it ahead of time. I could only thank God I listened to my instincts. It was indeed an important lesson for me to never procrastinate.

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Del or Alice Patterson said...

I am the queen of procrastinators. Many times to my detriment. But, I still do it!


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