May 28, 2009

Feminine Products specially formulated for menopausal women

Menopausal women have common problems with dryness in their skin. I’ve recently visited and I’ve discovered that they have Feminine Products specially formulated for menopausal women. The product is called Vulvare and it is a moisturizer for the most delicate part of a woman’s body. It counteracts the effects of parched skin associated with menopause and it relieves itching and discomfort due to dryness. This product is very helpful for women who have experienced the effects of menopause on their skin. It is safe and gentle for every woman because it is developed by a physician and formulated with botanical extracts.

The company’s other product is called Private Rx and it is formulated to smoothen away razor bumps and inhibits the growth of in-grown hair in a woman’s intimate area after waxing. Private Rx is a two step treatment. Cooling pads soothe the skin and may prevent skin infection after waxing and shaving. The second step is applying the soothing serum to help prevent in-grown hairs to the area. These products are very important for a woman to ease the pain of unwanted hair removal to the most delicate skin on her body. I for one have experienced the pain of waxing and I could not even bear it so I’m opting to shave my unwanted hair.

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