May 19, 2009

The Swine flu a.k.a. Ah1n1 virus

I’m kind of worried of this highly communicable disease spreading like a wildfire worldwide. I’m just wondering why there is still no available vaccine for this kind of flu. I’m thinking why has are our scientist not been able to make a vaccine today. I think it’s about time because many countries are already affected with this kind of illness. I hope they can already provide a vaccine as soon as possible before it’s too late.

This flu was a mutation of the swine flu, bird flu and the human flu. It has somehow evolved in this kind of virus. This kind of flu was believed to have originated in Mexico and was now spreading like a wildfire worldwide. I’m still relieved that it still has not entered the Philippines but I’m still worried because until now a vaccine is still not available. There is already an available anti viral in the market like the Tamiflu for this kind of flu but I hope the testing kit has already reached our province. This kind of sickness is not easy to detect because it has the same symptoms like the common flu so a testing kit is really very important to help avoid the severe fatality of this kind of flu.

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