May 28, 2009

Marriage is like waking up from a fairy tale dream

When I was still a little girl I was kind of reserved and shy. I don’t have so many friends and honestly I was one of those girls who get bullied in school. My parents was kind of ambitious because even if my father belongs to the working class they decided to send me and my siblings to a private school and in high school I was sent to a school exclusively for girls. Anyway it was different in High School because I learned to fight back in my junior and senior years and I gained more friends during that time. It was in the elementary years that I had a hard time coping up because I lacked social skills and many of my classmates belongs to the upper class. I spent most of my time in the library and reading fairy tales becomes my daily past time.

I think little girls should not read this kind of stories because their mind is set to find their prince charming early on. I think I should read my daughter bible stories instead. I’m planning to buy a complete set of bible stories with illustration. I think there is nothing wrong with fairytales but it is just not true. I’ve learned something good from fairytales in my younger years. It helps me to use my imagination and develop my English skills. It helps me to believe in the goodness of mankind and it gives me a positive outlook in life. One thing also is it helps me to fall in love.

Marriage In the other hand is so different from a fairytale because it belongs to the drama genre. Where every kind of story is present, comedy, action, drama even horror and suspense. What is so different is it is absolutely real. It is not some story that some author just cook up with their imagination. You think you have married your prince charming and you just wake up one day and you realize that you have married a troll. Yes a troll just like Shrek, a character in the movie. Your husband also realized that he had married Princess Fiona. Fiona is the feisty princess in the movie. Shrek is like a real person and not a prince charming of your dreams. He is obnoxious and lacking pretense but anyhow you learn to love him. I guess that’s what marriage does to a princess in us.

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