May 26, 2009

My sustenance as a Fire Snake

In the Chinese calendar I was born in the year of the snake. In the Chinese horoscope the Snake is known to be intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the Animal Signs. They are attractive people who take cries with ease and do not become flustered easily. They are graceful people, exciting and dark at the same time. Snake would be willing to sacrifice his possessions, something the Snake has a lot of, in order to pay for his family’s food. Any way it is interpreted as a  representative of the Snake’s character and is a measure of the value he puts on his material wealth. The Snake is keen and cunning, quite intelligent and wise.

In the Chinese horoscope I belong to the THE FIRE SNAKE. The Fire Snakes are known to be a bit loud, speaking their minds and smothering you with their opinions. This does add a twist to his dynamic and vibrant character, as he is quite the extrovert. These Snakes have a great wisdom. They are intriguing communicators who leave you breathless after a conversation. Fire Snakes can change even the most obstinate mind with their powers of persuasion, convincing you their opinions or ideas are better than yours. This does make them a little self-centered, but you can’t say they aren’t driven for success.

I think a lot of these characters are in me especially the way I do speak my mind that even a simple issue could become a debate but I think we do change as we grow older. I try not to engage in a fiery debate anymore and I learn to be reserved in the way I talk. I have a couple of mishaps in the past when I do speak my mind and I do learn from my mistakes. I suppose being married and having children helps me to be more composed and wiser.

What makes it so interesting is that my son was born in the year of the rooster and my daughter was born last 2008 in the year of the rat. In the animal world these two animals are the primary food of the snake. I could honestly say that it is indeed true, they are my sustenance. They do gave me a purpose and make me stable and calm. They can control the fire in me. I suppose as my nourishment they do make me healthier and more alive.

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