May 12, 2009

Scents and perfumes

I’ve recently visited a site that has discounted cologne for men. I like perfume scents that has floral, citrus and sweet scent in it. I don’t really like strong scents because it gives me a headache. Did you know that the scent that we wear defines our character? Yes it does. A person who likes mild scents are simple and classic in nature while people who likes strong scents are extravagant and likes to catch attention. Wearing a perfume also defines our mood for the moment. Sometimes when women like to catch the attention of a man she will wear a floral, sweet and feminine scent. A perfume has a way to entice a man or a woman and if you wear one you definitely deserve a second look.

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Ness said...

I just read this post to my husband and even though I agree. His idea of scents is anything that can mask his smell after being in the field for two weeks! Great blog!

Came over from MBC under 100 followers group. Come and check out the mayhem.



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