May 20, 2009

Potty Training for my 10 months old Baby girl

I have already told my nanny to start potty training my 10 months old baby girl. I’ve learn that a child can already learn the right time to poop if you let them sit on the potty chair the same time everyday and say poo poo to them over and over again. It really works for my baby girl and it’s a lot easier than to let her caught me off guard. The next thing you know their poop is already all over the place. Diapers are alright but in our hot climate here it’s not really advisable to let them wear diapers 24 hours a day and everyday.


Petula said...

I am the mother of four children and I am having the toughest time potty training my youngest child. As a matter of fact, I'm going to post a potty training update and product review tonight.

I popped over from the Mom Bloggers Club and will be adding your links to my blogroll. If you have a button that will be even better. Nice meeting you.

shelley said...

it must be "potty training" week, i have seen so many posts on this now, maybe the warmer weather here in the states and certianlly for you in the philipines... but it is a process as everything... how are things in the philipines? we miss our old nanny who was from ellew ellew (not sure how to spell it) and her magical fruit cocktail (yum, makes me hungry just thinking about it! lol)


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