Jul 17, 2009

Friday Reflections: Déjà vu

Do you have a feeling that the same thing happened to you before? It is a feeling of déjà vu where things have happened from the past and occurring again in the present. Of course all of us have experienced the same fate. One example is eating the same diet over and over again or having the same problem over and over again. I think life is a series of repetitions where you wake up every morning, eat breakfast, eat lunch going to the same work over and over again. I think life is like the stream, when we look at it water flows through it every second of everyday. When you look at it, it is the same stream but is it the same water? No, because as you can see the water is replaced with water. The old water has been displaced with new “water instead of water. It is the same with grace. Your life may carry yesterday’s problems, but remember, God’s grace is new each morning, exactly what you need to meet each new challenge. It is and inexhaustible and ever-fresh supply.

1 comment:

AbBy said...

hi ann..salamat sa way undang nga pag agi sakong payag...gi link na jud tika sa site aron pirmi na jud ko muagi diri...


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