Jul 21, 2009

Scents for your home and your body

When I was still single I always make it a habit to light incense candle in my room. I think home fragrances uplift your senses as well as your mood. Today, instead of only using it to my room I light it in the living area to release the aroma to the entire house. I really liked my home smelling nice and good because it relieves stress after a busy day at work. I think reed diffuser oil is much better to use in the house because its aromatic effect is much more concentrated. I also think its scent will last longer in the living area.

Aside from using aromatherapy products for my house I also like using it to my body. I use aromatic oil at night before going to sleep because it helps me sleep better. I also applied aromatherapy oil on my toddler at night because I observed that he sleeps well every time I massage his chest and back. I specially liked citrus scented oil and lavender scents. Aromatherapy products are mostly organic and I think organic body care is a greater option in choosing products for your skin because its ingredients are derived from nature. Speaking of organic products, you can always visit bath and body stores like sabon NYC in their store you can choose from different products that will suit your needs.

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