Jul 8, 2009

When it's time to move to another house

I’ve been thinking these past few days to move to a new house. We do like the house that we have rented for almost two years already but we are planning to apply for a housing loan. There is a real property in our neighborhood that we really liked but right now we are still saving up for the down payment. If the loan will be approved we still could not live in the property because we still have to apply for house construction on it and that would take about the maximum of two years because it is a foreclosed property. Since our rental expense for our home right now is so expensive and thinking of our monthly amortization of the mortgage if approved we are planning to move to another less expensive house for the time being.

I think moving again is so tiring with all the packing and the effort for looking for a huge vehicle to get all of our things. We are planning to move within the neighborhood but we are still looking for a less expensive house to rent. We don’t have anyone in the city who are servicing for people who will be moving to another unit so it is just too bad because we will be moving again by ourselves. Luckily, in the U.S. they have movers just like Dallas movers. You can visit the link for more information on their services and they have also client testimonials on their site.

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protel said...

Hi, would you please email me. Andrew


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