Jul 3, 2009

Planning our dream house

Right now we already have a floor plan for our dream house. I’m so excited whenever I think about it. My sister in-law was an engineer and she had given it to us so that we can visualize the design of our house. My husband and I discussed to her what we really wanted for our house like the location and size of our bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and our toilet and bath. She was using the AutoCAD when she had created the floor plan for our house that is why we can really visualize the house because even the minor details are very visible. For instance, the kitchen sinks, bathtub, cupboard, dividers and even the furniture and kitchen appliances are perceptible.

Right now we are living in a rented house and my husband and I planned to apply for a house mortgage to one of the foreclosed properties within our neighborhood because we want to live near his parents. We plan to live near them so that my mother-in-law could check on our children whenever we are at work. We are still saving up money for the down payment and processing fee before applying for housing loan. I’m still worried because the foreclosed property has illegal occupant but I think we can settle it because we know the person. Anyway, I’m still hoping for the best.

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