Jul 10, 2009

Friday Reflections: How a tree grows

Sometimes we felt restless when we want something done and we want it right away. I have felt that way also and I think most of the time. I want to have our own house right away and sometimes I forgot that there are more important things to attend to. When I think about it our family income is like any other normal employee in the Philippines. We also have priorities to attend first before thinking of our dream house. Slowly I am finding ways to add to my salary and I know it really add up to our monthly income.

I have also been thinking of new strategies to lessen the expenditure of our monthly budget. When I think about it, when we started out in our marriage we only have a bed, a stereo component, a Television and a CD player. I am even pregnant and jobless and we even lived with my parents during that time. I think it is through effort, hope, faith and love that we have survived it all. I think also when we acquired something slowly and with much effort that we begin to treasure its value. It is also through time we mature and we learn valuable things that we needed in life. I think a person that has strength grows like a tree because it is built to outlast each storm in life. It is also through the storm that it has grown into a sturdy wood strong enough to last a lifetime.

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